By Dan Waters



Me in front of one of the famed houses during my visit to DemonÕs Alley on August 1, 2005



Somewhere, nestled between Germantown Rd. and Rt. 23, in West Milford, New Jersey was a group of 8 or 9 houses that have stood empty for as long as anyone can remember.  Once upon a time this area used to be known as New City Village, but it is better known today as DemonÕs Alley.  For years many have wondered why these houses have stood empty for so long.  The most popular story, as most already know, involves a new person who moves into one of the houses, the largest they say.  Shortly after he moves in strange ÒincidentsÓ occur, (pets getting killed, telephone lines getting cut, etc.) and according to the legend the new person invites the neighbors over to his house to discuss the incidents.  It turns out the guy is the leader of some cult and when he gets everyone into his house members of the cult descend from upstairs, slaughters everyone, then disappears. (One much less known legend says that famed director Cecil B. DeMille owned the land and that the houses were to be used for a film)  Most West Milford area residents remained tightlipped about the area and some refuse to discuss it.






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Unfortunately, New City Village is gone.  In September 2005, just a few weeks after these pictures taken the remaining structures were demolished.   The purpose of this website is to not only find out what happened but to know more about New City Village itself: Who designed the houses?  When were they built?  I am especially interested in finding ANYONE who actually lived there.  What was life in New City Village like?  Surely, there must be someone out there.  Also, it would be really cool if anyone had any pictures of New City Village when it was still occupied.  IÕm sure people would like to see what it was like during its heyday.


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(Special thanks to Shady and lostdestinations.com, whose website was the first I went to in researching DemonÕs Alley.)